Appreciating Real Tea in ‘three senses’

by Dilhan

Dilmah Uva Seasonal Flush 2007

Appreciating fine tea begins with the appearance of the tea; and as fine teas go, this ranks as oneof the very best – our Uva Seasonal Flush 2007 demonstrates the art of the teamaker beautifully. Handpicked on 7th August, 2007 the Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe yields a liquor that offers sophistication and finesse. Hints of fresh mint mingle with eucalyptus and a touch of honey, in a delicious golden infusion. This aspect of the enjoyment of good tea is often overlooked but it forms an essential element for the appearance of the leaf and its aroma, are strongly suggestive of the taste that is to come. Enjoying the tea on the eye, then on the nose, and finally on the palate, parallels the act of savouring fine wine, and it is just the same with tea. The variety of colours, tastes and textures, as well as the complex elements that form a good cup of tea merit careful understanding and appreciation. Not many of us have the time to practice this, but in our stressful, intense 21st Century lifestyle, I guarantee from personal experience that a 10 minute break to savour fine tea in the proper manner will ease one’s troubles and calm the mind naturally!

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