Does tea contain gluten or lactose?

by Dilhan

Tea grading & tasting situationOne of the pleasures of a family business is that we have an opportunity of emailing, writing, exchanging cards and communicating generally with our customers. Each week several hundred communications arrive at Dilmah Head Office and regional offices and are largely responded to personally by my father. Amongst the queries that have been raised in this correspondence has been the question of whether tea contains gluten or lactose. For the sake of those that wondered but never asked, it contains neither. If you would like the detailed version of that answer, please read on.

What is gluten and is it found in tea?

Gluten is a mixture of two proteins, gliadin and gluteini, occurring in the endosperm of wheat grain. Certain people are sensitive to gluten (Coeliac disease) and must have gluten free diets. Tea does not contain gluten, Dilmah makes sure that all flavours used for flavouring tea (Dilmah Fun Teas) are gluten free. Furthermore the filter paper used for producing tea bags is also gluten free. Dilmah tea is therefore free of gluten.

Does tea contain lactose?

Lactose is a milk sugar. Lactose is produced by mammary gland and occurs only in milk, for example dairy (cow) milk contains 4.8% lactose. Lactose is less sweeter than cane sugar. Tea does not contain lactose. Dilmah flavours are lactose free hence Dilmah tea can be consumed by lactose intolerance individuals.


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