Two leaves and a bud

by Dilhan

The art in tea starts here, with the tender shoots at the extremes of the evergreen shrub, Camellia Sinensis. Flavour and natural antioxidants are concentrated in the two leaves and bud; harvesting it is art because the men and women that pick these need to ensure they pinch off the bush only the two leaves and bud. The third and fourth leaf introduces an undesirable, coarseness to the tea.

For this reason, Dilmah stays true to handpicked tea from Ceylon, grown, picked and produced by us the traditional way. Expedients like machine harvesting as done in some countries, CTC manufacture as offered by most of the big brands, are only good for the producer for they do nothing but reduce cost. When the difference between a good cup of tea and an inferior one is just a few cents per cup, is there sense in trying to cut costs? (only if the brandonwer wishes to grow their profit maybe).

Enjoy it the way it has been appreciated for centuries, handpicked, produced in the traditional, orthodox manner.

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